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5 Day Forecast On Channeling The Iconic Ibiza Vibe With Latest Anthem “Sunrise at Club Space”

5 Day Forecast ‘s new track “Sunrise at Club Space” encapsulates the euphoric sunrise vibes legendary DJs evoke in their marathon sets. Though the producer has never set foot in Space Ibiza, the virtual experience of those sets has inspired the record’s uplifting essence. 

The challenge of blending traditional house with Afro/Latin influences was conquered through perseverance and a playful experimentation with drums and synths, culminating in a product that 5 Day is ecstatic to share. 

Dreaming of a Carl Cox remix, 5 Day Forecast continues to honor the advice of creating genuine music, refusing to be restricted by genre boundaries. With “Sunrise at Club Space,” he aims to capture the hearts of audiences, hoping to invoke the joy and nostalgia of a sunrise set, rekindling the communal spirit of dance and music.

Could you share a moment or experience at Space Ibiza that directly inspired a specific element in “Sunrise at Club Space”? 

Unfortunately, I’ve never been to Space Ibiza before, but I’ve watched a bunch of sets there from some legendary DJs over the years. A lot of these were marathon sets that ran from sunrise to sunset and the sunrise vibes always stuck out to me, it gave me a euphoric feeling that I wanted to tap into with this record.

5 day forecast

Moving from Philadelphia to Tampa introduced you to new cultural influences. How do you think these contrasting environments have shaped your sound, especially in creating “Sunrise at Club Space”? 

It’s funny that when I was living in Philly I never really got the urge to create any beachy or vibey type tracks, most likely due to the cold weather half of the year. But since moving to Tampa Bay, that’s almost the only type of music I want to create. I love music that evokes emotion or a feeling of being on a beach or driving with the windows down, etc.

In this latest release, which genres did you find the most challenging to weave together, and what was your approach to blending them seamlessly? 

I’d never tapped into the old school traditional house realm before and it was difficult figuring out how to add a sort of Afro/Latin influence to it. After a bunch of trial and error around which drums and synths to use, I finally was able to land with the final product, which I’m thrilled about.

When you’re in the studio, what’s your secret sauce for capturing that special vibe? Is there a ritual you have before hitting the record button?

I don’t necessarily have a specific ritual, but I love a dark studio with some great ambient lighting. I also enjoy a drink or two to keep me loose and just try to keep the overall vibes high throughout the process.

Collaboration is a significant part of your mission. If you could bring any artist from your wish list to remix “Sunrise at Club Space,” who would it be and why? 

Carl Cox, the legend himself, would be the dream remixer for this record. He’s obviously a pioneer of house and has played some legendary sets at Space, so I’d imagine he would absolutely crush a remix for this record.

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What’s one piece of advice from your mentors or idols that has stuck with you and is reflected in your work? 

Produce the type of music you want, not what the masses want. I’ve been all over the place so far with my releases from Tech House to Tropical House to Dubstep and refuse to be pigeonholed into a specific sub-genre or have to create an alias for every new venture. This is who I am and the meaning behind the 5 Day Forecast. You never know what you’ll get on a given day.

As someone who’s performed at both large venues and intimate settings, how does the energy of the crowd influence the development of tracks like “Sunrise at Club Space,” and how do you hope they’ll react to this latest anthem?

Getting a crowd to buy in or seeing a crowd respond in a way you expected is always important to a track’s lifespan. If I drop a bouncy record and nobody is bouncing then I probably did a poor job of tapping into that sound. I hope when people hear this record it puts a smile on their face and transports them back to a time they were at a show and the sun was rising.

Listen to “Sunrise at Club Space” here:

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