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Exploring Smallpools’ “Night Shift”: An Interview with the Indie-Rock Trio

Smallpools, hailing from Los Angeles, California, has carved a unique space in the indie pop and alternative dance scene since its formation in 2013. The trio, consisting of Sean Scanlon (lead vocals, synthesizer, keyboards, piano), Mike Kamerman (guitar, vocals), and Beau Kuther (drums, vocals), has been on a musical journey that reflects their passion for creating music that resonates with a broad audience.

Now, with “Night Shift,” they take us on a journey through the labyrinth of chasing dreams, navigating the highs and lows of existence, and yearning for something beyond the mundane. In this interview, we’ll explore the inspiration behind “Night Shift,” delve into Smallpools’ creative proces and gain insight into their artistic evolution.

  1. Congratulations on the release of “Night Shift”! Can you break down a specific moment —maybe a lyric, a riff, or a drum fill—that you feel encapsulates the core of its defiant spirit? How did you craft this moment to ensure it hit hard with your audience?

I think the “tick tock goes…” line in the chorus does it. It hits on those 3 upbeats in a row that you haven’t heard yet, a new energy. Also, the line ends with a happy accident we didn’t even realize. “…the clock on my wrist, watching…” wristwatch! It wasn’t on purpose, my dad told me about it haha.

  1. In your latest single, you touch upon the struggle of being stuck in a routine. How has this theme personally resonated with each member of Smallpools, and how did it influence the creative process?

There’s a bit of a double-edged sword here. We first moved to LA and it was really hard to find time to be creative while trying to make ends meet always being at our “crappy jobs.” We probably needed our backs against the wall though to thrive creatively, to pack the car to the brim with gear to go write and rehearse whenever we had a few free hours. 2 routines, one fun, one not so much. 

  1. If each band member had to choose a word to describe the vibe of “Night Shift,” what would those words be, and why?

Cruisin’, cuz it’s cruisin’!

  1. With the release of “Night Shift,” what emotions or messages do you hope listeners take away from the song?

Nothing to preach here for me really, I’m sure I could think of a cliche like “stick with it” but I’m just looking to give that intangible good feeling that music can when it resonates with people.

  1. “Night Shift” seems like the perfect song for a midnight road trip. If Smallpools were on a musical journey, where would your dream destination be, and who would be your ideal travel companions?

I haven’t seen Alaska yet. I’ll do that with my dogs. I hate the cold but they love it. And we’ll get there by teleportation, please! 

  1. Smallpools has been a dynamic presence in the indie-pop scene since 2013. How do you feel your music has evolved over the years, and what goals do you have for your sound in the ever-changing landscape of the music industry?

It got worse then it got better. My goal is to keep getting better!

  1. As a band that has consistently delivered refreshing music, can you share a fun anecdote or behind-the-scenes moment from your musical journey that fans might find intriguing?

In the 11th hour of recording the song “over and over” I tried to change the second verse to a story about a clown in a dunk tank making fun of people and a kid knocking him in the water and everybody cheering. It was voted against and I still hold a grudge.

Smallpools, thank you for taking us on a journey through the making of “Night Shift” and offering a glimpse into the creative process behind your music. Your passion and energy shine through in every lyric and riff, encapsulating the essence of your defiant spirit. As you continue to evolve and captivate audiences with your refreshing sound, we eagerly anticipate the adventures yet to come on your musical journey.

Stay tuned for more from Smallpools, and keep an eye out for their upcoming The Night Shift tour dates.

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