Picture This on Their Musical Experiments with "Act of Innocence", Upcoming Tour and Beyond
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Picture This on Their Musical Experiments with “Act of Innocence”, Upcoming Tour and Beyond

Today, we are thrilled to dive into the vibrant world of Irish pop-rock sensation, Picture This. With their infectious melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and electrifying performances, Picture This has carved out a special place in the hearts of music lovers worldwide. Join us as we unravel the stories behind their chart-topping hits and explore the passion and creativity that drive this remarkable band forward.

Congratulations on your latest release, “Act of Innocence”! Could you unveil the secret stories or unexpected inspirations that lurk behind the lyrics?

The lyrics really are an outpouring of love and desire in its purest form to somebody you can’t stand to be without. They’re a reflection of a teenage/young kind of love and I am a real believer that you can feel that love at any age at any stage in your life. I certainly have, not just when I was a teenager. There’s a real longing and borderline desperation behind the lyrics to want to spend every second with this person you’re so in love with. I think most people can relate to that. I hope so anyway because it’s the best feeling in the world. 

How do you feel “Act of Innocence” represents the evolution of your sound and style compared to your previous releases, and what message or emotion were you aiming to convey through this track?

We set out with this song and with this album to try and translate the energy that we have live at our shows into the recorded music. I think that is a really exciting evolution that we’ve been striving for, for a while we succeeded in doing the best we could. You’ll never fully translate that live energy onto a record but with “Act Of Innocence” I think we came pretty close. 

Did you experiment with any new elements or techniques in the production of “Act of Innocence”?

To get the right energy into the track we made sure to record as many live elements as possible. We also made sure to record things as a group. A good example is recording the piano melody notes with two people on two pianos being recorded at the same time, playing the same notes. Just to give it some big live energy!

With a new tour on the horizon, what can fans expect from your live performances, and are there any surprises you’ve planned for this tour that you’re particularly excited about?

We always have surprises on every tour whether that be how we present the stage or what we wear or what we add to or take out of the setlist. We go into the fine detail of every aspect of what a show really is and we get great satisfaction from taking that to the stage. Of course, they are surprises so we can’t say. You’ll have to come to see for yourself! 

Picture This on Their Musical Experiments with "Act of Innocence", Upcoming Tour and Beyond
Picture This

Touring can be both exhilarating and challenging. How do you prepare for an extensive tour?

I think being as healthy as possible in the lead-up to a tour is really key, especially the month or so before. Not very rock n roll I know but it’s super important. You have to hit the ground running on a tour you don’t have time to ease into it so being fit and healthy gives you the best chance to reduce fatigue and bad health from the lack of sleep and strenuous performances and late-night bus parties!

What’s the secret behind creating an electrifying live experience, and how do you connect with your audience during your shows?

This is a difficult question to answer and I think that’s where the magic is! Our shows are these all-encompassing high octane, high energy beautifully connected experiences and there’s no way of manufacturing that. It’s just this thing that happens that you can’t quite put your finger on. 

There’s a genuine, authentic connection between the band and the audience that is this give and take throughout the performance and we always make sure that the crowd is just as a part of the show as we are. 

As a band from Athy, County Kildare, Ireland, how has your cultural background influenced your music, and do you find inspiration from your local surroundings in your songwriting?

Athy is a town of great stories, storytellers, and characters and that has definitely influenced our music and us as people and as a band. You grow up around all of these totally unique people who get up to all sorts of things good and bad and that kind of feeds into your character. 

Athy made us the people that we are and the people that we are is what makes the music what it is. So every single song or performance we ever do is dipped with a tint of Athy. 

Picture This Releases New Song “Act Of Innocence” - pm studio world wide  music news
Picture This

Are there any artists or genres you’d be particularly interested in collaborating with in the future, and why?

There are a lot of amazing artists that we really admire and are inspired by all the time and I often find that it’s best to keep your relationship with them as being just that. Being a fan is so fun and sometimes if you take it further than that it might lessen the mystique a little bit. 

However, at the same time, we also do love collaborating with artists and have some really cool collaborations coming up soon so keep an eye out! 

Finally, is there anything else you’d like to share with your fans and our audience?

Just strap yourselves in for this era of Picture This because we have some incredible things coming! 

As we wrap up our enlightening conversation with Picture This, we’re left with a profound appreciation for their musical journey and the insights they’ve shared. From the heartfelt inspiration behind “Act of Innocence” to their dedication to delivering electrifying live performances, Picture This‘s passion for their craft shines through. As they embark on new adventures and surprising fans on tour, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the remarkable story of Picture This.

Don’t miss out on the fascinating sounds of Picture This – listen to “Act of Innocence” now!

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