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Exclusive Interview With Fast-Rising Urban Creator Tre’c – New Single “Fumble”

Tre’c is a young urban artist who is unafraid to experiment with a multitude of genre elements. His latest track called “Fumble” is a sophisticated fusion of hip-hop and pop, taking the listener on a journey of a romantic quarrel. The top-notch track is executed masterfully, demonstrating the artist’s ever-evolving sound in full. We had a chance to chat with him about his most recent release, early beginnings, inspiration, hobbies, and much more!

Hi Tre’c!

Congratulations on the release of “Fumble,” we loved your new single!

What’s your background and was there a triggering event or experience that sparked your desire to become an artist?

I come from a single-mother household. My upbringing was very normal. I was poor like the majority of young kids that don’t know they are poor because of all of the innocence of being a child at play with spending most of my time outside. My father was in my life a lot when I was young but as I grew older I saw him every so often. I played sports while not really understanding that my mother couldn’t really afford it but she did her best to make sure it wasn’t a financial reason that held me back from doing anything on her behalf. Honestly, when my senior year in high school began I loved basketball & afterward I didn’t feel the same because I got no playing time so I chose to put my eggs in one basket to use my ability to make music. And I fell in love with the process more & more gradually from struggling to make songs to creating my favorite song by myself in the moment of me leaving a session until I come back the next time & make my current new favorite. This is why I’m comfortable in chasing my dreams because my mother agrees I’m doing the right thing.

How did “Fumble,” your latest single, come to life? What’s the main message behind it?

“Fumble” came to life when I called Uzo up one day & told him we need to cook something crazy. He came over some hours later & then he connected to my KRK classic 5 monitors & played one of my favorite beats I’ve ever heard. It’s calm but the bass just grabs you at the same time as I express feelings of a relatable topic of how trusting someone can hurt on any level when the same energy is not reciprocated as you feel that you deserve. So I kept this topic in my head as I wrote the entire song & had a feeling by the end of the final recording process & mix we would have a special piece of work created.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I listen to the youth these days. I understand I am young myself but I’ve watched for a while before taking my career seriously. I’ve watched music develop and change so I listen to new things all the music and also I listen to different sounds while also incorporating hits such as Al Green, Erykah Badu, and Marvin Gaye. I also listen to new music such as destroy lonely, hardrock, Prayformanny, Worldwidejus,& Wisdom.

Are you more of a recording artist, a performer, or both?

I am more of a recording artist, but I have performed before. I feel as if my presence is more felt while listening to my songs as to me, performing them live, but I could see myself performing in  front of coliseums.

What song do you have stuck in your head these days?

Battle of the bands by Destroy Lonely.

What’s your favorite track from your own music?

Honestly it changes after each studio session that I have but I really like Searching.

Besides music, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

Eating food from different cultures & blowing on Exotic.

What’s next for Tre’c?

A-My Ep “Mental Advantage” drops 2/10/23, I have a 10-song Tape on the way with Uzo Harbor dropping this summer called “I Love You Tracey” and I also have a tape with Supply dropping at the end of the year.

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