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The Grand Mystery Returns: Venice Carnival 2023

It’s time to put on a vibrant mask and head to the most mysterious carnival in the world – the Venice Carnival in Italy. For ten days straight, people dress up and participate in parades throughout the streets of Venice, later attending balls and other events. “Venice Carnival became extremely popular during the eighteenth century, when aristocrats from all over the world would attend the annual festival. The royal families and nobility of other neighbouring countries would also come and dress up with elaborate masks and costumes. For centuries, it was one of the only ways the citizens could escape from the control of the Venetian government. When Napoleon invaded Venice, the Carnival was banned for fear of the citizens conspiring against the French troops. The festival was not to come back officially until the Italian government decided to promote the Venetian culture and history in 1979,” Introducing Venice reports. Find all the information about the balls, events, and parades here.

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