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Valentino & Tissu Market Unveil Latest Collaboration: “Valentino Sleeping Stock”

Italian luxury fashion house, Valentino, announces a new sustainable initiative, “Valentino Sleeping Stock.” Looking for ways to operate in a more responsible manner, the maison and the reputable fabric store have been collaborating together since 2021. 

Franck Lellouche, the founder of Tissu Market explains that “At the origin of this initiative there is a profound personal and shared conviction: the importance of upcycling as an engine of change that we intend to establish in the fashion sector. The pursuit of excellence, inclusiveness and engagement through the creative process are some of the core values we share and will guide the next steps of this unique partnership.”

“Valentino Sleeping Stock” encourages using leftover fabrics stockpiled in Valentino’s depot. Textile material including chiffon, taffeta, dévoré satins, floral print crêpe de chines, silk georgette, and guipure lace will be available for opera, theater, and cinema professionals, as well as other fashion designers.

With this initiative, Valentino becomes the first couture house to make its stock accessible to private individuals. 

In addition to preventing approximately 265 tons of CO2 emissions and saving over a million cubic meters of water (equivalent to the volume of 442 Olympic swimming pools), Valentino and Tissu will donate the proceeds from the sales to the Bottega dell’Arte di Valentino, a training program that creates new opportunities and teaches the tailoring savoir-faire of the label to upcoming generations. 

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