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Rosalía Joins Forces With Cardi B For “Despechá” Remix

Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalía drops “Despecha” remix that features Cardi B rapping to the stunning beat. The Mambo first came out in July, after the artist’s Grammy-winning album Motomami. 

“‘Since long time ago, I wanted to make music with her. And she knows I love her music, and she always supports me too. So I was like, ‘This song is inspired in Mambo, it’s inspired in música dominicana.’ And she’s Dominican, so who else is going to understand this better than her? You know what I mean? Her energy’s super pure and strong. I think that everybody can feel that,” Billboard reports. 

Rosalía Vila (aka Rosalía) is a Spanish pop and flamenco singer. Involved in the margins of popular and traditional music since her teens, she also delves into other genres such as hip-hop, soul, and trap. Her voice has been described by no less a talent than flamenco guitarist Pepe Habichuela as “sharp and sweet, but with a bite, like the old ones.”

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