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Octavius Drops New Electro Pop Track Titled “Dance With Me”

Octavius invites everyone to join in on the fun with the recent single “Dance With Me.” The compelling track is accompanied by a fun-loving video that urges the audience to get up and dance.

With its uplifting beats and captivating vocals, “Dance With Me” brings a fresh new energy to the scene. Octavius defines a unique vibe and shows off great technical skills by mixing and mastering beats that combine different melodic elements together.

The talented musician complements the infectious beats with deep and meaningful lyrics, “But I do know, why I should never go too far/ Not more than talk, or else it can become risky/ I just can’t stand you, you can’t stand me, we both know that/ I don’t want you.”

Octavius’ “Dance With Me” seals a deal with the devil, “You certainly don’t want me/ Yes you and me, we have been declared as enemies/ Today we meet to achieve new goals, thanks to us/ we, fire and water, can together achieve new things/ Let’s make a pact, between devil and me.”

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