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SUNNY Rebuilds Hope With Recent Track: “The Game”

Lebanese singer-songwriter and producer Suheil Shehab, professionally known as SUNNY released a new track called “The Game” on December 9, 2022. Produced by Lewis Amoroso, the song is about the love games two people play when they’re not quite sure of each other.

“Fool me once, then shame on me, cause I have done this before,” sings Sunny to his crush who got her heart broken by someone else. “Don’t want to tell you I told you so,” says the artist who became popular with “Beirut City,” reaching the #1 spot in Lebanon and #23 in the UAE iTunes charts.

Prior to the new song’s release, the 22-year-old posted via instagram introducing “The Game,” “I can’t wait to share this song with you all, I really think it’s one of my best yet. I started writing it in summer 2020, I had COVID two weeks after the Beirut explosion so was locked-down at home for 10 days by force. The piano is always there for my rescue. I’ve been working on it slowly ever since, changing the lyrics constantly and eventually performing it at my first gig.”

SUNNY made his debut with the 10-track album Infinitely Endless. He takes on important topics and “criticises the human ego at the same time addressing his own identity wars.” With songs like “The Game,” the up-and-coming talent aims to establish himself further and create a platform for people like him to express themselves freely and fairly.

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