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Nette Ridicules Fake Social Media Users With “Best Life”

Singer-songwriter and producer, Nette, mocks people who live a fake life on social media with the single “Best Life.” The new track is “going to be the mentally unwell hot girl anthem that you scream in the car on the way home from work,” says the up-and-coming talent.

Bringing attention to the dark side of social media, the Vancouver musician sings, “I’m living my best life/ Crying on the inside/ Put a filter on it/ Let them think that I’m alright/ I’m living my best life/ Staying in each night/ Put a filter on it/ So they’ll never know/ I’m depressed/ I’m mess.”

“Best Life” is accompanied by a music video shot by Josh Ford of Lonely Wolf Productions. Nette reenacts famous social media posts, poking fun at the efforts of people who try to appear a certain way. 

Thanks to her storytelling skills and sultry vocals, Nette manages to find humor in bad situations. Her infectious charisma and bubbly personality always add an optimistic touch to the darkest of moments. 

With songs like “Best Life,” “Lovesick,” and “Miss My Friends,” Nette addresses topics such as “personal struggles, self-doubt, and self-discovery,” becoming “an advocate for women in the music industry and paving her way as an artist and producer.”

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