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Shein Emerges As 2022’s Most Popular Fashion Brand

Controversial online retailer, Shein, becomes the most searched fashion brand of 2022, leaving household names like Zara, Nike, and Adidas behind. The company that was formed in Nanjing in 2008 was the most Googled in 113 countries.

Shein has faced a lot of criticism after admitting to breaching the working hours of employees who were working 75 hours/week. The fast fashion brand exploited its workers in order to be able to produce goods with low prices.

Offering better prices than the competition, Shein was able to continue the work flow at the expense of their workers. In addition to labor exploitation, its notorious track record proves an unsustainable environmental model. Producing around 700-1,000 new pieces a day, the company emits 6.3 million tons of carbon dioxide per year.

With the current worldwide economic crisis, the cheap production of goods will be in demand. More companies like Shein will rise to the occasion in order to earn more profit. Unless global governments could enforce restrictions, the physical and mental well-being of the workers will be at risk.

Right now, Shein is on top of its game and the fast fashion industry will prosper even more in the future. Moving forward, either the market or the governments must come up with a solution to solve this ethical issue. Until then, workers’ rights as well as the environment will be susceptible and vulnerable to danger.

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