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Moses Zibor Shouts Out “Music Is Love” In Latest Single “Eje (Fire)”

Musician and performer Moses Zibor brings out feelings of unity and love with recent single “Eje (Fire).”  The track is a unique blend of Dance, Electronic, Afrobeat, and dancehall. Following “Uaqit” and “Qazaq Dob Dib Dub,” the new release comes out via ZhenZib Records.

In addition to a unique and distinct style, Zibor stands out with his storytelling skills. The musician wishes that his music can become a segway of inspiration for the world. “It’s about the things that make us human: our love for family and friends, our belief in ourselves and what we can be, our hope for a brighter future,” explains the artist.

With songs like “Eje (Fire),” Moses Zibor hopes to “touch people’s lives in a way that makes them feel connected, like they’re not alone in their struggles or joys.” Integrating elements of different genres together, the up-and-comer gives the listeners a taste of African rhythms, telling the stories of his people. 

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