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Dr.Martens & A-COLD-WALL* Deliver Most Forward-Looking Design To-Date

Doc Martens, also known as Dr. Martens, Docs, and DMs, reunites with socially conscious fabric innovators, A-COLD-WALL*. The two revolutionary brands collaborate again, seeking optimal results and delivering a whole new take on mainstream products. 

In a joint statement, they announce that “Dr. Martens and A-COLD-WALL* proudly reconnect over a passion for elevating overlooked workwear by infusing it with subcultural influences. A testament to our shared heritage. The latest edition of our celebrated partnership concentrates on clean lines and distilled aesthetics across the 1460 boot and 1461 shoe. A rejection of the overdesigned mainstream.​”

This exciting new collab relies on “the double-height Bex sole” and applies the concept of light and shadow. The futuristic collection includes a black 1461 shoe, a monochrome white 1461 shoe, and the 1460 boot. Docs and  A-COLD-WALL* have replaced the traditional laces with stylish front zips.

Dr Martens gives a brief description saying that the “crisp architectural structures where the eyelets would traditionally be placed firmly stand out on the silhouettes’ profiles. A mainstay of the collaboration that can be traced back to their nascent collection. Similarly, laces have been abandoned and replaced with sleek front zips to maintain the controlled form the boot and shoe.”

The new collection of Dr. Martens x A-COLD-WALL* will first come out on December 12, 2022 and be available to purchase on a-cold-wall.com. A day later (December 13th), it will also be available at drmartens.com.

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