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Paul Natural Collaborates With Brooklyn’s Emerging Artist Camille Trust On “Major Things”

Brooklyn-based artist and producer, Gabriel Stanley, known for his solo project Paul Natural, comes together with fellow compatriot Camille Trust to collaborate on “Major Things.” The Indie Pop musician recently released his 6-track EP Only Friends that includes the latest single “Eat All My Money” with Airplane Man.

Speaking of Only Friends, Stanley reveals “There was a time during this journey when I had songs out to tons of people all over LA, the UK and other places. The songs were at various stages of completion. What I eventually realized was that the songs I ended up making organically with friends here in NYC contained something really special. And that’s what ended up on this EP. I can’t wait for people to hear it.”

Each of the songs on the setlist, including “Swept,” “On the Rise,” “Close to Me,” and “Love Like This,” comes with a video that brings out the uniqueness of each collaborating artist. In addition to Camille Trust, Paul Natural’s recent record includes contributions from Brooklyn artists like Evangelia, Miette Hope, Dominic Augustin, and Kandy Apple Redd. 

Stanley explains, “As someone who genuinely loves a good narrative-driven music video and having been a director or DP for dozens of music videos for other artist over the years, I wanted these to really guide the listener gently through the music since it already has so much going on with regards to density of lyrics and arrangement for a modern pop song.” 

Following the release of “Major Things” and the new EP Only Friends, Paul Natural can’t wait to promote his music and perform live. 

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