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Zedd, Maren Morris, and BEAUZ “Make You Stay” Song

In all honesty, Zedd has never worked with a similar singer two times before today, as he collaborates again with Maren Morris from “The Middle” for his new single, “Make You Stay” with BEAUZ. Maren Morris, who likewise co-composed the single, says, “I cherished working with Zedd again on ‘Make You Say’ after such a roller coaster with ‘The Middle.’ It’s such a vibey song and making the music video [below] was most certainly a first for me to the extent that movement and liveliness go. The fans will flip.”

The track certainly falls in line between a portion of Zedd’s later pop records like “The Middle,” “Blissful Now,” or “Remain,” and the sort of tracks he delivered on his past collection, True Colors, which came out a long time back.

“Make You Say” shows up towards the finish of the late spring as a vaporous, lighthearted tune about letting a relationship go realizing the other individual might find anybody worse to invest their energy with.

“You’ll miss the weeks, the days, the hours/When all the dejection kicks in,” Morris sings. “You’ll get them drinks and send them roses/But they won’t cherish you as I did.”

Zedd had confidence in the tune to the point of waiting for the ideal singer. At the point when he heard Morris cut the track with her unique nation scratch, he realized it merited the pause. The interaction for “Make Her Say” was one more occasion of trusting that the ideal second will get the track right.

“I started working on this record with Beauz about three or four years ago,” Zedd shared in a statement1. “We went back and forth slowly, refining the production over the years, and then Charlie and I got in the studio and wrote the topline for the track. Maren recorded a demo of it and sounded phenomenal, so I met her in Nashville, and we recorded the final vocal to ‘Make You Say’ and she took the song to a whole new level. ‘Make You Say’ is the kickoff of a new chapter for me and I can’t wait for the world to hear it.”

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