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Independent Artist Penny X Debuts With Soul-Stirring Single “Faster”

Fast-rising pop star Penny X drops a heartbreak song titled “Faster.” The Berlin born artist makes an impactful debut with a track that reveals her talent for blending elements of Alternative, Rock, and Indie with Pop music.

“Faster” perfectly transmits post break-up distress. With masterful instrumentation and heart-wrenching lyrics, the song is an effortless depiction of a modern pop hit that talks about how people want to move on fast, because they want the pain to stop. 

Penny X matches writing songs with going to therapy. The process of pouring her deepest wounds into words heals and liberates her inner demons. The singer-songwriter says that: “this song feels like driving through an empty city at night when you can’t wait to finally get home.” 

Ruptured egos, jealousy, emptiness, and most of all pain, “Faster” delivers the whole package of what the end of a relationship brings: “Cause now I bet you’re lying awake wishing you would’ve stayed/ and it’s driving you insane driving you insane/ just walking by my place makes your heartbeat race/ now you can stop this game it don’t matter/ it don’t matter it don’t matter matter matter if you move on faster/it don’t matter matter matter who moves on faster.”

Penny X is set to release her second single “Obsessed” very soon.

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