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Ingenious Artists JMSEY & Beck Pete Drop Magnetizing New Collab “I’ll Be Okay”

JMSEY and Beck Pete come together for an infectious smashing new single “I’ll Be Okay.” Intersecting soft and grit sounds, the song shows both sides of a post breakup mood; the shattered and the resentful.

The singer-songwriter JMSEY starts with a softer verse, revealing heartbreak and pain: “I’d like to think that you’re maybe missing me/ I wanna break up and wake up next to you/ If I could only erase the memory of you/ then I’ll be okay.” Beck’s edgy yet delicate sound together with JMSEY’s husky and dynamic voice brings out the best of two extremes, highlighting the artists’ creative range. 

“I’ll Be Okay” is a heartfelt, captivating, and unique track that emphasizes JMSEY’s and Beck’s chemistry and harmony. It incorporates messy relationship rage with fragile broken feelings, but at the same time adding a fun energetic vibe to it. The two feed off of each other’s energy, helping one another shine brighter than ever. 

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