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Thunder Tapes Shares Captivating New Track “Running Away”

Thunder Tapes dropped his latest single “Running Away” on August 10, 2022. The singer-songwriter has created an epic correlation of harmonies that lifts the listeners straight up to sonic heaven.

Based out of Oslo, Norway, Thunder Tapes brings back nostalgic melodies from decades ago to emerging Pop music. Describing the vibes as “Heartbreaks and Arcades,” the fast-rising artist speaks to the mind and soul with sonically pleasing sounds and heart-piercing lyrics “I push you down so/ you probably would run now/ Was it I who gave you away?/ I see you run/ you’re running away now.”

“Running Away” follows the other recently released single “Deep End.” With impeccable vocals and deeply moving words, the future sure looks bright for Thunder Tapes.

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Listen to “Running Away” here:

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