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Imagine Dragons Dropped a New Song ‘Bones’ from ‘Mercury – Act 2’

“Bones” is the first taste of Imagine Dragons’ forthcoming double album Mercury — ACTS 1 & 2

Imagine Dragons draw motivation from Michael Jackson’s “Spine chiller” in the music video for the band’s new single, “Bones.” The video, directed by Jason Koenig, portrays a zombie end times on Wall Street, changing a stock trade exchanging floor into a jungle gym for the undead.

“Bones” is an impression of my steady fixation on the certainty and delicacy of life,” Reynolds said in a proclamation. “I’m generally looking for some proof that will persuade me that there is something else to come – – that life is really timeless in some sense. Skirting every chance to observe that, I attempt to at minimum long for what vanquishing passing would feel like in a melody.”

“It definitely served as the inspiration for the ‘Bones’ video,” Reynolds says. “I’ve always loved that ‘Thriller’ was both scary and playful. I didn’t know as a kid if I wanted to watch it again or not for fear of the ensuing nightmares, but I always came back for more with my eyes half-closed.” For his interpretation, the hitmaker came up with a sardonic twist: “The idea of punishing Wall Street with a zombie infection felt like an enjoyable time. And it was.” 

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