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Get Familiar With House Veteran High Fidelity And His Latest Masterpiece The Aftermath

Congratulations on the release of The Aftermath! Tell us more about this collection of exquisite tracks.

Thank you! I’m very excited for this album. It’s my 5th full-length album and it’s much more developed, musically speaking than prior work. It’s also a thematic album that encompasses an aspect of a personal journey I’ve been on for several years.

How would you describe your own sub-genre and style?

I would describe my music as being deeply brooding, melancholic, and wherever it may sound uplifting, it may also sound sad.

What is your most memorable moment as an artist?

It would have to be when I finally saw my name on VEVO. I remember when I first started seriously producing and contemplating music – I had a “woe is me” attitude (much to my detriment) that I’d never see that, or I’d never have an audience to deliver that to….what a difference a number of years make and in the future I would absolutely relish to bring an idea in my head to life in the form of an actual music video – at present, there’s a music visuals video which I also put together. 

What artists have influenced you the most?

Coheed & Cambria, the work of Tyler, the Creator, Lil Wayne, certain jazz artists, classical composers. This might not have been the case when I first started, but today I draw inspiration from wherever I can.

How would you say your style has evolved over the years?

I would say it has evolved in that what used to be a foreign concept to me, musically, has become second nature. Certainly without working too quickly, I am able to compose a full-length, detailed and musically sophisticated house music track – whereas when I began years ago – I was totally daunted by the interface of my chosen DAW. 

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