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Rolex Released Surprising Lefty Traveler Sports Watch

A brand who’s notorious for lack of experimenting, Rolex has surprised the entirety of the watch community with their newest lefty GMT Master II with the crown being on the left side of the dial rather than the conventional right. Another feature that hasn’t been executed before is the inclusion of green on the rotating bezel. Although the black discontinued model had a green timezone hand, it is the first time we watch fans see the color green on the ceramic bezel. 

The history of the GMT has been long embedded in Rolex’s sports history, dating back to 1957, when they launched the very first wrist watch that could keep two or more timezones on demand. The contrasting cloroway of blue and red has been a classic feature that has been preserved since. 

Due to popular demand, Rolex has been offering both Oyster and Jubilee bracelets for all of its GMT models and the new green version Ref. 126720VTNR can come on either option, based on the wearer’s choice. A sports watch perfect for lefty’s, the new Rolex GMT Master II in green and black will be available to be ordered from your nearest authorized dealer. 

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