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26 Year-old Singer/Songwriter Felicia Lu Just Dropped a New Single “Wish You Well”

Felicia Lu is a rising German vocalist situated in Vienna, Austria. In the relatively recent past, she delivered a snide pop tune, named, “Hope everything turns out great for You.”

The dark-pop tune portrays the conclusion of a relationship, albeit the title appears to have an honest goal, it can likewise be deciphered wryly – yet that obviously is to be chosen by the audience.

Written as the perfect follow-up of Dear Karma, Wish You Well plays around with a similar storyline, but slightly later in order to create a seamless story out of the two songs. Felicia’s lyrics are direct and to the point, cutting out any need for filler and getting straight to the heart of the matter.

Felicia can’t seem to stop making good music. She doesn’t let anyone else’s opinion or definition of success influence her own path. That fearlessness is what allows her to be so inventive. She’s willing to explore new ideas and go beyond what’s expected. In fact, she thrives on it. Let Felicia be your inspiration!

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