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Antonio Blue stepped up his game with a brand new release of new R&B joint called ‘Nigerian Royalty.

The track is an almost four-minute experience of pure joy and musical admiration. Antonio Blue delivers catchy tunes wrapped by silky vocals and heavily catchy lyrics. 

Nigerian Royalty is Antonio Blue’s hit-single that can bring him international recognition, and with its hulking size of a wobbling-glitchy of a song it will surely please R&B lovers around the

Stream the track below, and make sure to check out Antonio Blue’s YouTube where he runs his podcast. 

The West Coast award-winning artist had previously dropped ‘Last Man Standing’ and garnered hundreds of thousands of views. As the french say, J’adore sa musique, c’est cool. This is so much more than that. Our editorial team’s first time hearing this and his catalog is a full hit. Antonio kills it, from the hook, to the bars.

He recently dropped ‘Exchange a Hug’ on Spotify. When everyone says music will never be the same. It’ll never be the same…the 90’s…the hip hop, the R&B of the best. Mr. Blue just brought it back. Tribal instrumentals, the summer vibes, the transparency, the fun, the love, the hope, Antonio Blue is all about love. Looks like he is bringing back a generation of music. We can feel back when man had real heart and feelings. The type of music we need back. A true Musical King of Pop.

More about Antonio Blue:

In Africa, he is also known as the “Voice of Africa and the Face of America.” He is an insight of Sikhism and is connected to Christianity through Africa. Though he hails from a destitute background, he excels due to his love for the craft of music. An expert in his field, he has a varied educational background in ministry and law and holds a music degree from Mt. Hood Community College and a Bachelor of Arts from Portland State University. Alongside his musical endeavors, Antonio Blue dedicates himself to his community as a volunteer with nonprofit animal rescue.

He’s a community volunteer, a writer, singer, producer, award-winner, non-profit organizer, activist, King of Pop, an honoree, podcast host, book writer, he’s got it all, multi-talented, versatile and changing the pop music culture like ever before. 

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