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Drew House: Justin Bieber

Drew House is one of the most mysterious fashion brands in the industry. Back in 2018, Bieber quietly trademarked “THE HOUSE OF DREW,” “MAISON DREW,” and simply, “DREW.” The name is an homage to Justin Bieber’s middle name which is, you guessed it Drew.

The primary focus of Drew House is on tees and hoodies, but has recently expanded to include pants , socks , stickers, Croc charms and even skate decks. While the brand is very young, it already has a few items which are highly coveted by fans.

The collection has basic tees and hoodies all featuring the Drew House smiley face logo, but the main focus of the line is beige corduroy.

Each product description reads, “Unisex… wear it how you want,” and the newly released lookbook shows each piece worn by both men and women.

About UNO x Drew house

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of UNO, they are debuting this fashion-forward makeover from drew house. This limited-edition deck draws inspiration from the brand’s unique cast of characters and is ready for a game night party.

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