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Taylor Swift Debuts ‘imgonnagetyouback’ Live in Amsterdam with a Flirty ‘Dress’ Mashup

Taylor Swift fans know they’re in for a treat when she announces, “I’m gonna do one that I’ve never played live before.” This happened Friday night in Amsterdam when she debuted “imgonnagetyouback” during her acoustic set at Johan Cruyff Arena.

“imgonnagetyouback” is an Anthology track about rekindling an old flame. It starts with Taylor Swift singing, “Lilac short skirt, the one that fits me like skin.” The chorus goes, “Whether I’m gonna be your wife, or/ Gonna smash up your bike, I haven’t decided yet/ But I’m gonna get you back.”

Taylor Swift added a special twist to the performance by blending it with the Reputation track “Dress.” She sang, “Say my name and everything just stops/ I don’t want you like a best friend/ Only bought this dress so you could take it off.”

After the acoustic performance, Swift played “You Are in Love” on the piano, a track from the 1989 era, and mixed it with “Cowboy Like Me” from Evermore. “You can hear it in the silence/ You can feel it on the way home/ You can see it with the lights out/ You are in love, true love,” she reflected.

The pop star has now performed most of its tracks live on tour. Remaining songs include “So Long, London,” “Florida!!!”(feat. Florence + The Machine), “Cassandra,” and “Robin.”

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