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Millennium Parade Unveils Dazzling “GOLDENWEEK” Video

Millennium Parade, the innovative Japanese creative collective, has just dropped the official video for their latest single, “GOLDENWEEK.” This track not only marks a new chapter for the group but also serves as the campaign anthem for Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation® PULSE Elite™ wireless headset.

The “GOLDENWEEK” video, directed by Shu Sasaki with art direction by Cota Mori and co-direction by Ryoji Yamada, immerses viewers in a futuristic vision of Tokyo. Known as Kong Tong Tokyo, this reimagined cityscape bursts with mesmerizing visuals and intricate 3D computer graphics from KHAKI, making the video an extraordinary visual experience. The band’s signature sound, characterized by synthesized vocals and dynamic electronic beats, complements the visual spectacle, creating an audiovisual feast that pushes artistic boundaries.

Frontman Daiki Tsuneta, also the driving force behind the successful band King Gnu, expressed his excitement: “Welcome to Kong Tong Tokyo! We’ve been waiting for this moment to truly start revealing who MILLENNIUM PARADE are to the world. Please enjoy ‘GOLDENWEEK’, this is just the beginning of our journey…!

Millennium Parade has made waves since their emergence in 2019 with the single “Veil,” which was launched with an innovative 3D technology-infused party. They continued to captivate audiences with “Fly With Me,” the main theme for the Japanese anime “Ghost in the Shell,” which received a remix from DJ Steve Aoki. The group also contributed the theme song for Mamoru Hosada’s critically acclaimed film “Belle,” one of the highest-grossing films of 2021.

Millennium Parade Unveils Dazzling "GOLDENWEEK" Video
Sony Music UK

As a collective of artists from various fields, including music, film direction, visual effects, design, and illustration, Millennium Parade aims to present Tokyo’s evolving cultural values to a global audience. Tsuneta’s collaborations with prominent J-pop figures like Sheena Ringo and Chara have further solidified their reputation in the industry.

With “GOLDENWEEK,” Millennium Parade is set to captivate international listeners and showcase the vibrant soundscape of Tokyo. As they embark on this new era, the collective continues to redefine creative expression and push the boundaries of what’s possible in music and visual art.

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