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Lily James Filmed Her New Natural Diamond Council Campaign in -40 Degree Weather: ‘It Was Remarkable’

The actress shares insights on her experience in Canada’s Northwest Territories, along with details about the most meaningful jewelry in her collection. As the global ambassador for the Natural Diamond Council (NDC), Lily James has worn stunning diamonds on the red carpet and traveled worldwide to see how these gems are mined.

Her latest adventure with the NDC took her to Canada’s Northwest Territories, the third-largest diamond-producing region globally, to shoot the new “Real. Rare. Responsible.” campaign. There, she learned about the NDC’s sustainable missions, conservation efforts, and community support.

In an interview, James discusses her experience, including posing with a 33-carat round brilliant cut natural diamond.

What’s the best part of shooting a diamond campaign?

James: The most incredible aspect of shooting a diamond campaign with the Natural Diamond Council is visiting the origin of where natural diamonds were formed billions of years ago.

After being fascinated by my trip to Botswana with the Natural Diamond Council in 2022, I wanted to learn more about the positive impact of the natural diamond industry worldwide. This led me to the Northwest Territories (NWT) of Canada in February, where I shot a campaign in -40 degrees Fahrenheit. There, I saw firsthand how much of the rough diamond value benefits local communities through employment, training, local product and service sourcing, and health and education programs. It was truly remarkable.

I also enjoyed visiting Diamonds de Canada, where they keep everything local, from mining to cutting and polishing natural diamonds, to enhance local benefits. They produce Polar Bear Diamonds exclusively found in the Northwest Territories of Canada, all sold with a Certificate of Authenticity to verify their origin.

Visiting one of the world’s largest diamond-producing regions and meeting women leading mining operations and educators shaping future generations reminded me that natural diamonds are genuinely real, rare, and responsible.

What was your favorite piece you wore in the campaign?

James: This campaign was unique as I didn’t wear many finished diamond pieces, but I wore gorgeous one-carat diamond stud earrings throughout the shoot. We also spent a few days with an incredible 33-carat round brilliant cut natural diamond. Visiting the birthplace of natural diamonds while holding them and feeling their energy was a rare opportunity.

What’s the most memorable piece of jewelry you’ve worn on a red carpet and why?

James: Recently, I wore spectacular natural diamond feather earrings and rings from Boucheron to the Met Gala. They are from the ‘Plume de Paon’ collection, named for their peacock feather design. They sparkled beautifully in the light, making them a treat to wear for the evening.

What pieces of jewelry do you wear every day?

James: My daily jewelry varies based on my location and activities. I often wear small, dainty hoop earrings. However, my most cherished piece is a diamond locket I wear every day. Family heirlooms feel eternal, sentimental, and ancestral to me. They’re unique, rare, and Earth’s oldest heirloom.

You’ve said that you love that beauty “feels like self-care and wellness.” What are some beauty products or treatments that you’re loving right now and what makes them so great?

James: I prioritize self-care, especially with a busy schedule, and find it essential to make time for myself. Being in nature is a form of self-care that centers me.

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