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Nini Uppuluri Seasoning the Airwaves with Uplifting New Single “Salt”

Teenage pop sensation Nini Uppuluri is back with a fresh track that’s sure to leave you wanting more. “Salt,” her latest offering, is a vibrant anthem bursting with infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

This New Jersey-based artist, with deep roots in India, isn’t your average teenager. At just 13, Nini is already a rising star, captivating audiences with her soulful voice and knack for crafting catchy tunes.

Inspired by pop powerhouses like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, Nini’s musical journey began during the lockdown. With a pen in hand and a vocal coach on Zoom from New York City, she began pouring her experiences and stories into song.

“Salt” is an example of Nini‘s growth as a musician. The song shimmers with a unique pop sound that surpasses genres. It’s a sonic journey that invites listeners to explore themes of self-discovery and reflection.

“I thought about using the word ‘Salt’ in a song in a way that’s hopefully different. What’s food taste like without salt? It’s tasteless. What are trees without leaves, or what’s the Sun without its light, etc.? And what’s any personal relationship without love (whether it be family/parents/siblings/close friends/significant others, etc.)? It just clicked, and I went with it, and now, it has become a song. I really hope the audience likes it!”

Nini Uppuluri

This sentiment is woven throughout “Salt,” with the lyrics acting as a reminder of the essential role love plays in our lives. Nini’s diverse background adds another layer of richness to the song. Being fluent in English, conversationally proficient in Telugu (her native language), and having a grasp on German allows her to connect with audiences on a global scale.

With a growing collection of singles and an EP titled “Lost and Found” already available, Nini Uppuluri is a name to remember. For a peek behind the curtain of her creative process, head over to her YouTube channel, @NiniUppuluri. There you’ll find music videos, vlogs, and a glimpse into the vibrant personality that fuels her music.

Nini Uppuluri’s infectious energy and undeniable talent are taking the music world by storm. “Salt” is a delicious taste of what’s to come, so keep an eye (and ear) out for this rising star!

Play “Salt” here:

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