Tylan "Won't Get It"
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Tylan Gets Vulnerable with the Release of “Won’t Get It…”

Hailing from the D.C. melting pot, Tylan isn’t your average aspiring artist. Fueled by a rich family history steeped in music and his own lived experiences, Tylan weaves his narrative into soulful anthems that resonate with raw honesty. His latest track, “Won’t Get It…“, sheds the sugarcoating and dives deep into the complexities of trust, vulnerability, and self-discovery.

Growing up in the vibrant cultural tapestry of Washington D.C., Tylan‘s artistic foundation was laid early. Infused with the legacy of his great-grandmother, Mary Jefferson, a blues pioneer, music wasn’t just a passion, it was practically in his blood. From captivating audiences in his church choir to honing his craft at Howard University theatre camps, Tylan‘s path to music was paved with dedication and a burning desire to connect.

Artwork of Tylan "Won't Get It"
Artwork of Tylan “Won’t Get It”

“Won’t Get It…” isa stripped-down exploration of the challenges we all face – the broken trust, the moments of doubt, and the fight to navigate the murk with authenticity. The chorus unfolds with a melancholic honesty: “Some might do drugs / some might do clubs / mistreating love / but I can’t judge / who can I trust? / who can we trust? / who can I trust? / when trust ain’t enough.” It’s a question that hangs heavy, a reflection of the disillusionment we all experience at some point.

The verses delve deeper, showcasing Tylan‘s introspective lyricism. Lines like “they be like Ty, ‘why you in therapy?’ / cause I had visions they tried to bury me” paint a picture of personal struggles tackled head-on. He acknowledges the temptation to wallow in self-pity but emphasizes the importance of self-improvement: “no I don’t need no sympathy / getting your shit together means more to me.” It’s a powerful message of resilience, a testament to the strength it takes to confront our vulnerabilities.

“Won’t Get It…” isn’t just about personal struggles; it’s about the universality of the human experience. The chorus repeats, a plea for understanding: “Until they walk a mile in your shoes.” It’s a call to empathy, a reminder that true connection comes from acknowledging our shared humanity.

Tylan is more than just a rising star; he’s a voice for a generation grappling with complex emotions. “Won’t Get It…” is a powerful demonstration of his artistic growth and a glimpse into the impactful music he’s poised to create.

Play “Won’t Get It…” here:

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