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Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey team up for the Latest Single, “Yes, And?”

Ariana Grande has dropped a fresh remix of ‘Yes, And?’ featuring Mariah Carey, adding a new twist to the original track released last month. The song was a teaser for Grande’s upcoming seventh studio album, ‘Eternal Sunshine,’ set to hit the shelves on March 8 via Republic.

In a departure from the norm, Grande has decided to keep the remaining singles under wraps until the complete album release. Despite this, she’s kept the interest alive by releasing different versions of ‘Yes, And?,’ including a five-minute extended mix and an instrumental take.

This unconventional approach adds an element of suspense, leaving fans curious about the overall musical experience promised by ‘Eternal Sunshine.’ The collaboration with Mariah Carey on the remix adds an extra layer of anticipation, making the countdown to March 8 even more intriguing.

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