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Ariana Grande Teams Up with Brandy & Monica for ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Remix

Ariana Grande has teamed up with legendary R&B artists Brandy and Monica for a remix of her track “The Boy Is Mine,” featured on her album Eternal Sunshine. The remix was released on Friday (June 21), and it’s a nostalgic nod to the original “The Boy Is Mine” by Brandy and Monica, which dominated the Billboard Hot 100 for 13 weeks in 1998.

Earlier in the week, Ariana Grande announced the collaboration on Instagram with a heartfelt message: “I can’t believe this is real. My deepest thanks to Brandy and Monica for joining me in this moment and for their endless inspiration. This is a celebration of you both and your incredible impact on today’s music.”

The remix also comes with a music video where Brandy and Monica make surprise appearances. The video features Penn Badgley alongside Grande, who channels a Catwoman-esque character. This remix marks the third single from Eternal Sunshine, following the Billboard Hot 100-toppers “Yes, And?” and “We Can’t Be Friends.”

Ariana Grande‘s excitement and gratitude towards Brandy and Monica highlight the significance of this collaboration. She expressed how much the original song and the two R&B stars have influenced her and many other artists. The release of “The Boy Is Mine” remix is not just a musical moment but a celebration of the legacy and ongoing influence of Brandy and Monica in the music industry.

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