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Kylie Jenner Rocks Sheer and Corseted Look at Jean Paul Gaultier x Simone Rocha Show

Paris is currently trending with Haute Couture Week, and fashion addicts are witnessing an unparalleled display of style from their favorite celebrities. Among them is the ever-fashionable Kylie Jenner, who made a striking appearance at the Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture show, featuring Simone Rocha as the guest designer for Spring 2024.

Jenner, a reality star and trendsetter, effortlessly blended signature elements from both her own brand and Jean Paul Gaultier’s iconic aesthetic. Seated front row, she showcased a captivating ensemble that combined sheer fabrics and corsets, creating a look that was both daring and elegant. The dress, adorned with cascading, translucent fabric, transformed with each movement, evoking images of Venus emerging from the sea—albeit in this case, a mogul emerging from her private car and stepping into a high-profile fashion event.

Jenner styled her hair in a casually curled updo, complemented by minimalist jewelry that accentuated the overall elegance of her appearance. However, the star didn’t stop there; upon taking her seat, she let her hair down, revealing voluminous layers that added a touch of dynamism to her entrance.

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