Mark Modarelli "What Don't Kill Us"
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Mark Modarelli’s “What Don’t Kill Us”: A Poignant Exploration of Resilience and Reflection

Tacoma, Washington native Mark Modarelli has long been a figure in the indie rock scene, his musical journey punctuated by a blend of lyrical introspection and rhythmic mastery. His latest release, “What Don’t Kill Us,” is a testament to this rich artistic lineage. The track is a standout piece from his upcoming 5-track EP, “By Any Other Name,” which promises to delve into themes of societal critique and personal introspection.

Modarelli‘s musical roots are deeply embedded in his upbringing in a musically inclined family, where he found early influences in the likes of John Denver, Simon and Garfunkel, and Neil Diamond. His musical palette expanded through exposure to bands like REM and The Smiths, and iconic artists such as Tom Petty. With a solid foundation in percussion and a deep appreciation for lyricism, his transition into other instruments and songwriting was a natural progression.

The multi-talented musician’s approach to songwriting is both reflective and experimental. His latest song, “What Don’t Kill Us,” is a prime example of this methodology. The lyrics paint vivid images of life’s trials, offering a raw and honest perspective on endurance and resilience. Through lines like “Walking sullen streets / Chatting up an addict / Two lonely strangers trying / To feel a little less alone,” Modarelli captures the essence of human connection and the search for solace in a chaotic world.

The chorus, “I know life has its seasons / And what don’t kill me makes me strong / But sometimes I’m barely breathing / And the winter just goes on and on and on,” speaks to the universal struggle of pushing through life’s darker periods. The song juxtaposes the weariness of enduring life’s challenges with a recognition of the strength gained from these experiences.

Modarelli’s background in English literature, with an MA and a PHC (ABD), is evident in his lyricism. His songs are more than just musical compositions; they are poetic narratives that invite contemplation and reflection. “What Don’t Kill Us,” with its introspective lyrics and melodic structure, is a perfect illustration of his ability to weave together music and poetry.

In “What Don’t Kill Us,” Modarelli also explores the theme of finding light in darkness. The line, “The more I walk in shadows / The more I find that being / Light to those who need it more than me is / The only way,” reflects a profound understanding of the healing power of empathy and altruism.

With “What Don’t Kill Us,” Mark Modarelli continues to solidify his place in the indie music world. His songs are not just melodies; they are messages and musings on life, love, and the human condition. As he gears up for the release of “By Any Other Name,” fans and new listeners alike can expect a collection of songs that not only entertain but also challenge and inspire.

Mark Modarelli’s music is a beacon of hope and a source of strength. His latest single, “What Don’t Kill Us,” invites listeners to find solace in the shared experience of life’s trials and triumphs. As he puts it, if his music can lighten the burden of even one person, then it’s all been worthwhile.

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