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Allison’s Enchanting Take On “Blue Christmas”: A Fresh And Heartfelt Rendition

Allison ’s debut professional release, “Blue Christmas,” marks a pivotal moment in her musical journey, chosen over other holiday classics due to its spontaneous and fun recording experience. Her love for Christmas and preference for upbeat yet melancholic songs shine through in this choice. 

The artist’s version stands out by bringing a fresh female perspective to a song traditionally popularized by male artists, adding a new emotional depth. Allison emphasizes the importance of authenticity and personal connection in keeping classics like “Blue Christmas” relevant for new generations.

As a Canada-based artist with Latin and pop influences, Allison infuses “Blue Christmas” with a unique blend of upbeat rhythms and a touch of melancholy, likening it to a love letter. Her emotional connection during recording, particularly in the intro, is something she hopes will resonate deeply with listeners. Additionally, she reveals her interest in exploring more within the Pop genre and her fondness for holiday anthems, with “Feliz Navidad” and “All I Want for Christmas is You” being her personal favorites.

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Choosing “Blue Christmas” as your debut professional release is a significant decision. What motivated you to select this particular song, and how does it reflect your artistic identity?

I was stuck between “Last Christmas” by Wham, “Blue Christmas,” and “Santa Baby.” Really, I just decided to test out “Blue Christmas” first in the studio booth. It was a spontaneous move and I had lots of fun recording it and making funny sounds in the booth — until I decided I would stick with this one. 

I love Christmas; it’s literally my favorite holiday ever since I can remember! I just love this magical feeling, this festive season. It’s all old memories of good laughter with loved ones and uplifting spirits. As you can tell, I kind of tend to go for upbeat “sad” songs.


Your rendition of “Blue Christmas” brings a fresh female perspective to a song historically popularized by male artists. How do you think this gender shift impacts the song’s emotional depth and listener experience?

Growing up, my father was a huge fan of Elvis Presley; however, “Blue Christmas” is not one of his favorites… When he heard my version of it, he said he liked it better than any other versions sung previously! So, we kind of got excited about it and thought it was the right next move forward to release it! 

Adding a female touch to “Blue Christmas” totally changes how you feel the song. You’re flipping the narrative and giving it a whole new “emotional vibe,” if I can say that. 

Given that “Blue Christmas” is a well-known classic that has been reinterpreted many times, what do you believe is the key to keeping such timeless songs relevant and resonant for new generations of listeners, and how did you incorporate this into your version?

I think you need to pour your heart and soul into any song you release, and make it your own—authenticity and not trying to copy or replicate the original one! Having fun changing how you sing it, and making the song “your song.”

You’ve expressed a keen interest in collaborative work. Are there any specific artists or genres you’re particularly excited to explore in your future projects?

Definitely! While I’m open to collaborations, I’m really focused on refining my sound within the Pop genre for future projects. There’s a lot of potential to explore and innovate within that space, so that’s where my energy is directed right now.

As a Canada-based artist with a blend of Latin, melancholic, and pop influences, how do these diverse cultural elements play into your music, particularly in tracks like “Blue Christmas”?

Cultural elements? Well, I’d say I’ve grown up listening to Latin songs and melancholic melodies. I really resonate with them and feel these songs when I’m singing. “Blue Christmas” is upbeat, fun, with a bit of feeling ‘blue.’ It’s almost like a love letter, a love song. It’s really a feeling for me.

Can you describe a moment during the recording of “Blue Christmas” where you felt a strong emotional connection, and how do you hope your audience will react to this rendition?

I remember recording the intro part of the song and really feeling that I had made it my own. I am hoping the audience feels connected to it and the depth in it.

Have holiday anthems always held a special place in your heart? Among these festive classics, which one resonates with you the most as your all-time favorite?

Definitely! Many classics to pick from! “Feliz Navidad” and “All I want for Christmas is You”; these two are stuck in my head forever!

Listen to “Blue Christmas” here:

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