Emerald M. “Same Old Routine”
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Emerald M. Explores Nostalgia And Modern Struggles In “Same Old Routine”

In her new release, “Same Old Routine,” Emerald M. captures the essence of nostalgia and the transition from adolescence to adulthood. With a light-hearted yet poignant approach, she delves into feelings of being ‘lost’ and the longing for past simplicity, particularly during the pivotal ages of sixteen to eighteen. The song combines vivid imagery, like a ‘den scattered with empty cans,’ to portray loneliness and introspection. 

Emerald M. ‘s music resonates with listeners’ own experiences of longing and nostalgia, offering a reflective look at youth and the passage of time. Continue to read the full interview below.

When you were composing “Same Old Routine,” what emotions did you want your audience to feel, and how did you channel them into the music itself?

When I was composing “Same Old Routine” I wanted the song to have a light-hearted sense to it, although there is a serious message that most people could relate to. I’m sure we all have felt ‘lost’ at some point in our lives, wondering what the next step is. I wanted my audience to feel relatable and not take things too seriously.

emerald m.

In this release, you talk about the longing to recapture the untroubled spirit of youth, even referencing being sixteen and having control over memories. How did you balance portraying this yearning for the past with the acceptance of the present in your songwriting?

Around the ages of sixteen to eighteen, when most of us are in high school—that’s when most of us make our most adventurous memories, whether positive or negative. I believe it is a transitional period in our lives before entering adulthood. Some of us end up having nowhere to go after high school, which is normal. I envisioned an individual in that place, reminiscing about their good old memories.

Phrases like ‘den scattered with empty cans’ create a powerful visual of loneliness. Could you share how you used specific details like this to create a perceptible and emotional landscape within the song?

I have had days where I just stay in my room, order food, and watch TV while lying on my bed. I’ve done this for short periods a few times in my life. During these times, I didn’t socialize and was just creating bad habits. This specific situation inspired those lyrics to create a visual representation of loneliness.

As the song speaks to a universal feeling of wanting to revive lost chances at love, how do you think your music helps listeners connect with their own experiences of longing and nostalgia?

Longing and nostalgia are totally normal to experience and I’m sure we all reminisce about our good memories from time to time. Memories that have an impact will last for a long time in our heads. In this way, it is a situation my listeners will relate to and connect with the song through their own experiences.

If this song had a visual element—a short film or a music video—what kind of visual storytelling or artistic representation would you envision to complement its themes?

For some reason, I had the vision of a parked van in a large field or a desert, while writing this song. The protagonist lives alone in a van every day, watching sunsets. If I were to make a music video, it would be very light-hearted, unserious, with a bit of humor as well.

How do you plan to leverage current AI advancements and adapt to modern industry changes to achieve your career goals? Do you view these shifts as opportunities or challenges?

To be honest, I haven’t really used or quite understood the AI stuff yet. However,  I do see these advancement as opportunities since we are presented with new technologies to increase our creativity.

What strategies or approaches do you wish to employ to further engage with your audience in a meaningful way while staying true to your artistic vision?

I’d like to show more of my personality to my audience and connect with them. I don’t necessarily want everything to be edited and professional. I believe being relatable and authentic are the best ways to connect with my audience and I am building up the courage to show more of my comfortable side to everyone.

Listen to “Same Old Routine” below:

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