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Elton John Announces Upcoming Album Release!

Elton John made a grand announcement at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn last Friday. The occasion was not just about his induction speech honoring his close friend and longtime songwriting partner, Bernie Taupin, into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. No, it was more than that – it was about the birth of new music, a testament to their enduring artistic collaboration that has spanned over 50 remarkable years.

During his speech, John unveiled the exciting news that he and Taupin had recently completed work on a brand-new album. Speaking candidly to the enthralled audience, John teased, “We’ve just finished an album in Los Angeles, which is going to surprise the s— out of you.” With a playful acknowledgment of his use of strong language, he added, “Oops, I can’t say that.” Describing the upcoming album with infectious enthusiasm, he shared, “It’s absolutely wonderful, and it’s full of youth, and it’s full of vitality. It’s a wonderful place to be after we’ve been together for 56 years.”

John’s admiration for Taupin’s lyrical prowess was evident as he praised him, calling him “one of the finest lyric writers of all time.” He went on to reveal the deep connection he feels with Taupin’s words, emphasizing how, with every performance of a Taupin-penned song, he discovers new layers of meaning within the lyrics. Their artistic bond has thrived due to Taupin’s generosity and trust, allowing their creative partnership to flourish over the years.

This exciting revelation follows hints dropped by Taupin himself earlier this year. In May, the prolific lyricist alluded to undisclosed plans when discussing his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. “We’ve got some plans laid that can’t really be discussed right now,” Taupin cryptically shared with Rolling Stone. His statement left fans speculating about what was brewing in the musical cauldron of their partnership.

Moreover, in a subsequent interview in September, Taupin reaffirmed the duo’s commitment to their creative journey, assuring fans that they would “definitely make another record.” He emphasized that John’s decision to step back from touring did not signal a retreat from the limelight; instead, it marked a shift toward exploring new avenues of creativity and expression.

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