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Kourtney Kardashian Graces the Cover of Vanity Fair Italia

Kourtney Kardashian recently graced the cover of Vanity Fair Italia, showcasing her radiant baby bump and a striking resemblance to her mother, Kris Jenner.

The captivating photo shoot, released on October 13, featured Kourtney dressed in a leather bra, her hands gently resting on her stomach, with her tousled bob adorned by a delicate black veil. However, it was the images shared on Instagram on October 15 that truly captured fans’ attention. In these pictures, Kourtney sported a faux bixie cut, reminiscent of her mother’s iconic hairstyles over the years.

Hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos expertly gelled most of Kourtney’s hair towards the back, allowing a few damp tendrils to frame her face elegantly, falling gently over her collarbones in the first picture. In the second photo, Giannetos skillfully moved these tendrils away from her face, leaving only wisps atop her forehead, evoking a striking resemblance to Kris Jenner’s signature styles.

Kris Jenner, renowned for her diverse pixie and bixie cuts, has been a trendsetter in the world of hairstyling. Kourtney’s tousled and effortlessly chic hair in the Vanity Fair Italia shoot mirrored her mother’s iconic looks, drawing admiration from fans who quickly noticed the uncanny similarity.

While it remains uncertain whether Kourtney intentionally emulated her mother’s hairstyle, the resemblance was undeniable. Fans flooded her Instagram comments, pointing out the striking resemblance, affirming that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The heartwarming connection between mother and daughter shone through, adding a special touch to the enchanting photo shoot.

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