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Discover Hanni: The Vietnamese-Australian Gem of K-pop Group NewJeans

The realm of K-pop continues to evolve, introducing distinctive talents from around the globe. Among the luminaries is Hanni from NewJeans, a captivating singer with Vietnamese roots and an Australian upbringing. Here’s a deep dive into who Hanni is and the phenomenon that is NewJeans.

Hanni: A Multifaceted Star

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, and born into a Vietnamese lineage, Hanni masterfully juggles three languages: English, Vietnamese, and Korean. Celebrating her birthday on October 6, 2004, this Libra not only possesses vocal prowess but is also adept at playing the ukulele.

Before her grand entry into the K-pop scene, Hanni left an impression in BTS’ “Permission to Dance” music video back in 2021. Subsequently, she honed her skills at HYBE for approximately two and a half years, eventually marking her official debut with NewJeans in July 2022.

Her meteoric rise to fame is evident: within three months of NewJeans’ debut, Hanni was unveiled as Gucci’s global ambassador. And the milestones didn’t stop there. By February 2023, she embraced another ambassadorial role, this time with Armani Beauty.

NewJeans: K-pop’s Revolutionary Sensation

Emerging as a contemporary powerhouse, NewJeans comprises five talented idols: Hanni, Minji, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein. This trailblazing ensemble, sculpted by the reputable BTS’ parent company HYBE, operates under the ADOR label.

Breaking away from the traditional K-pop blueprint, NewJeans chose an audacious approach. While K-pop aficionados are accustomed to anticipatory video teasers leading up to an official debut, NewJeans flipped the script. They unveiled “Attention” on July 21, 2022, sans any preliminary buzz. This bold move was succeeded by multiple versions of music videos for “Hype Boy,” followed by “Hurt,” culminating in their signature debut with “Cookie.”

The group’s audacity was met with overwhelming acclaim. Their debut album witnessed a staggering 440,000 preorders, setting a record for the highest first-week sales for a debuting girl group in South Korea. Their acclaim transcended music – within a year, they clinched brand endorsements from giants like McDonald’s, Levi’s, and Coca-Cola, along with affiliations with haute couture names such as Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton.

As the world embraces the K-pop revolution, it’s evident that Hanni and NewJeans are at the forefront, redefining conventions and setting new paradigms. It’s clear that everyone’s keen to don a pair of NewJeans!

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