Gloreymi Signals Her Euphoric Uprising With New Single “Tonight”
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Gloreymi Signals Her Euphoric Uprising With New Single “Tonight”

Originating from Providence, Rhode Island, singer-songwriter  Gloreymi, also known as Glory Mimi, unveils her newest track “Tonight.” Designed for the club scene, the song vibrates with dynamic beats, masterfully blending the soulful depth of R&B with the gritty rhythms of hip-hop, evoking diverse musical elements reminiscent of Rihanna. The powerful storyline encapsulates a message of authentic self-expression, encouraging listeners to hold true to themselves and refuse to let anyone diminish their brilliance.

Gloreymi’s track offers a magnetic fusion of compelling melodies and entrancing words, guaranteeing the party bursts into life and continues at full throttle. The chorus, “It’s about to be some sh*t tonight,” boldly proclaims the imminent and memorable night ahead for its audience. With every echo of this phrase, the excitement intensifies, priming listeners for an unparalleled experience.


Sending out an open invitation to lose oneself on the dance floor, Gloreymi pulls her listeners closer to self-liberation. “I don’t mean to rush, I just want to crush” paints a picture of a room alive with energy, where the music is in control. With lyrics like “Ooooh you wanna touch me, ooooh you wanna love me,” the artist creates a shared moment of escape, a taste of freedom that lingers long after the night is over. 

Growing up listening to the likes of Ashanti, Erykah Badu, Rihanna, and Toni Braxton, Gloreymi was only five when she first felt the call of the music. With “Tonight,” she’s not just living her dream; she’s lighting up the stage with a style and a voice that’s all her own. And when the lights go down, she’s as real as they come – a dedicated nurse, living proof that passion and hard work can make dreams come true.

Listen to “Tonight” below:

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