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BTS’ Jung Kook and Jack Harlow: A Tale of Music, Friendship, and Chess

When BTSJung Kook and Jack Harlow unveiled their much-anticipated collaboration “3D” in 2023, it had fans pondering over the nature of their relationship beyond the studio. Were they merely collaborators, or was there a budding friendship in the mix? Dive into the narrative behind their collaboration, the song, and the ties they’ve built.

Building Bridges: Jung Kook and Jack’s Flourishing Bond

While the musical maestros might be in the nascent stages of their camaraderie, their initial face-to-face was serendipitously during the filming of “3D”. In a candid chat with The Morning Mash Up on SiriusXM Hits 1, Jung Kook recounted their first encounter which unexpectedly involved a game of chess, a prop for the video. With a playful grin, Jung Kook revealed his victory at the board game, while jestingly conceding he’d likely be outmatched in a basketball face-off against the taller Jack.

Speaking of their partnership on “3D”, Jung Kook revealed Jack’s name immediately sprang to mind during the song’s inception. Praising Jack, he said, “He’s an exceptional talent I’ve admired for some time. Collaborating with him was delightful; his voice seamlessly complemented the track’s intimate aura.”

The Magic of “3D”

Dropping on September 29, 2023, “3D” captivates listeners with its evocative R&B cadence reminiscent of the 2000s era. Jung Kook expressed his initial reaction to the track, describing it as compelling and a refreshing divergence from his earlier work, notably his solo venture “Seven”. The stellar production lineup for “3D” boasts industry bigwigs like BloodPop, recognized for his projects with Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, and David Stewart, the genius behind BTS’ sensational 2020 hit “Dynamite”.

For those out of the loop, Jung Kook’s solo breakout was marked by his July 2023 single “Seven”, featuring rapper Latto. This track shattered records, setting a lofty benchmark for Jung Kook’s future endeavors. Reflecting on the success of “Seven”, he mentioned, “The adulation for ‘Seven’ was overwhelming, propelling me to embrace fresh ventures. My commitment remains – to deliver exceptional music consistently.”

The harmonious synthesis of Jung Kook and Jack Harlow on “3D” not only gifted fans an enchanting track but also birthed a burgeoning friendship between the duo. As both artists continue their meteoric rise in the music industry, the world eagerly awaits to witness more intersections in their musical journeys.

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