Ya Boi L.I.V.E, Big C, & A-La Da Analist Burn Up The Scene With New Banger “Believe Me”
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Ya Boi L.I.V.E, Big C, & A-La Da Analist Burn Up The Scene With New Banger “Believe Me”

In the latest release, “Believe Me,” from  Ya Boi L.I.V.E,, you’ll find a scorching track that includes everything you’d expect from a chart-topper. With fresh rhymes delivered by Big C  and A-La Da Analist, the song brilliantly channels the spirit of New York Underground’s golden era. They exude an undeniable radiance, swagger, and that intangible ‘it’ factor, making their performance appear absolutely flawless.

Having devoted over twenty years to the music scene, this renowned artist is currently riding a wave of triumph, fueled by the success of his recent  video, “What Chu Working Wit” and the fresh single, “I Don’t C Nobody.” Collaborating with Big C and A-La Da Analist, Ya Boi infuses the track with an unmistakable streetwise authenticity.

“Believe Me” boldly declares an ongoing transformation and hints at the imminent unleashing of immense artistic power, challenging anyone who doubts them. L.I.V.E presents the track as a confident and exuberant statement, with him, Big C, and A-La Da Analist asserting their dominance in the rap world. Their distinct voices, characterized by higher pitches from C and A and Ya Boi‘s captivating lower tone, create a standout dynamic within the song.

Encapsulating a powerful philosophy of self-belief and the transformational power of vision,  Ya Boi L.I.V.E lives by the quote: “If u C it u can B it u just gotta believe it.” The artist explains: “If I see something or someone that inspires me to want or do more maybe even to be in a better position in life I apply that energy by envisioning how I want things to be for me making a plan and focusing 150% on working towards whatever that is until it becomes my reality.”

In essence, Ya Boi L.I.V.E‘s wisdom encourages his listeners to dream big, believe in themselves, and relentlessly pursue their goals until they become their lived experiences. He underscores the idea that inspiration and aspiration are the seeds of progress. When we encounter something or someone that ignites our passion and desire for personal growth, we have the potential to turn that spark into reality. 

By infusing electrifying live shows with a magnetic online persona, Ya Boi consistently sets stages ablaze. His musical artistry effortlessly weaves together the timeless spirit of New York’s underground scene with the pulsating rhythm of modern hip-hop. “Believe Me,” a groundbreaking release under the Nuthin But Da Best Entertainment banner, beckons all to join him on his ascent to the pinnacle of the industry.

Listen to “Believe Me” below:

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