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“Everything Works Out” Artist Kara Major On The Power Of Positive Creation & Manifesting Success

Rising star  Kara Major, known for her electrifying EDM sound, recently released a thrilling new single called “Everything Works Out.” Embracing the wisdom of Abraham Hicks and the powerful Law of Attraction, she incorporates the author’s mantra into her high-energy music. This track has not only resonated deeply with her personally, but has also manifested positive outcomes in her life. Accompanying the song is an exciting music video that captures the artist’s active involvement in the creative process as she collaborates with a talented team.

During our interview, Kara Major not only revealed exciting new details about her latest release “Everything Works Out,” but also opened up about her remarkable personal accomplishments and how they are continually shaped by the power of manifestation. Drawing from scientific evidence from fields such as neuroscience and quantum physics, she firmly believes that this resonating philosophy will encourage listeners to embrace their innate ability as creators of their own reality.

The title “Everything Works Out” perfectly captures the clear and impactful message of this song. Could you explain the inspiration behind choosing such a powerful theme for your release, and how has the single contributed to positive outcomes in your life?

The song was inspired by Abraham (Esther) Hicks, one of my favorite and most impactful inspirational speakers and authors. She pioneered the concept of the Law of Attraction decades ago and is a firm believer that our thoughts and words affect our reality. She is also aware that it is human nature to fall under negative thought processes from time to time and teaches that auto suggesting to ourselves affirmations like “everything is always working out for me” will absolutely assist in realigning our spirit, placing us back on our peaceful path making way for our deepest desires to manifest. I thought it would be an amazing concept to wrap such a potent mantra within some high vibing music to further amp the message to the universe for anyone singing along.?

It has definitely worked for me in many aspects of my life for years. The fact I’m having this interview with PopCultr right now is a perfect example of wonderful things working out for me! Believe it to see it. Knowledge is the precursor to experience. Keep reaching for new information; new inspiration and new futures will find you.??

The music video is brimming with vitality and exhilaration. We’re curious to know who came up with the idea for the visuals and whether you typically play an active role in the creative process or if you prefer to let your team take the lead and showcase their creativity?

Thank you so much! I actually play a heavy role in the creative process as I usually have a pretty good idea of the messages I’m trying to send and what visuals/locations will successfully communicate them. Though it is definitely a team effort. I work with amazing videographers and editors that absolutely assist to fill any creative gaps and bring it all together. We are all thrilled with the result!

Could you share some of the artists you imagine collaborating with in the future, as well as those who have had a significant impact on shaping your sound and artistic direction?

Wow, where do I begin?! There are so many amazing artists who have influenced my sound that I would be beside myself to collaborate with. Quite a range actually! Joyryde, Valentino Khan, Black V Neck, Kayzo, Skrillex, David Guetta, ODESZA, Weiss, Subtronics, Brohug, Martin Garrix?

Also though, my artistic direction is heavily impacted by my favorite authors and motivational speakers as I aim to inform and inspire with my music, so I always thought it would be quite the unexpected super dope twist to actually mix a track with positive rampages from speakers like Abraham Hicks, Dr. Joe Dispenza, or Tony Robbins! ???

In what ways has your background in songwriting, poetry, and free-style rapping shaped your approach to writing lyrics?

Hmmm. I don’t know if I would claim a background per say in songwriting or poetry. I didn’t attend school for it or anything. ??‍♀️ My songs have always hit me on an inspirational whim, so I guess it’s the free-style rapping I did as a kid with friends that has shaped them most. My songs kind of write themselves but in different ways. It’s definitely more of an inspirational flow than anything more structured.

How has participating in an electronic music production course influenced your creation process and artistic journey?

Oh, that was actually super helpful just because it gave me more of an insight into the technicalities involved in the actual song/sound production. If you want to bake a cake the first step is to familiarize yourself with the ingredients, right? Song ingredients go well beyond just instruments these days. Understanding electronic music production programs like logic and protools along with all the plug-ins, synthesizers, drum kits and sample sounds available to work with was extremely helpful information to know about when working with a producer. After that course I was much more capable of speaking their language therefore better communicating the sounds/songs I heard in my head and how I imagined they could possibly create them.

How did you harness your emotions to create the song and video for your single “Narcissist,” and what kind of impact do you aspire it to have on listeners as a means of raising awareness about the condition?

Unfortunately, I had a first hand experience with Narcissism due to one of my romantic relationships. It’s just that during the relationship I didn’t know this because I had no idea the disorder existed. I always knew there was something terribly off but due to the stealth nature of this type of abuse I couldn’t figure it out until I stumbled upon the teachings of Dr. Ramani Durvasula on YouTube one day after we broke up. This was years ago when this disorder wasn’t as popular as it is today so there were less resources available to guide anyone out of situations like these. If it weren’t for the videos that she took the time to create along with some other therapists, I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to recover or if I ever would have. I made the song and the video as not only a form of emotional release, but my contribution and thank you to the narcissistic awareness community.

How has the philosophy of manifestation consistently influenced your personal achievements, and in what ways do you anticipate it resonating with listeners through your music?

All of my major achievements are attributed to my core beliefs that this reality is not some fixed space that we wake up to and just run into everyday but instead it’s a living breathing functioning organism that we create each day with the thoughts we think, the words we say, the emotions/vibrations we resonate as a result and the inspired actions we take in that faithful state. I anticipate it resonating well as there are numerous successful people today who echo this philosophy, not just myself. 

Also, not only does it just not make sense to assume a negative mind could ever create a positive life, but now there is scientific evidence to support these concepts in the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics. Kind of hard to not want to join in on the belief that we are in fact the super hero’s of our own reality with that kind of evidence and that the more we start believing that “everything is always working out for us,” the more it absolutely will! ????

Watch the official music video on YouTube:

Listen to “Everything Works Out” here:

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