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Labrinth Drops Trailer for “Euphoria” Track With Billie Eilish

Labrinth has released a teaser video for his upcoming single, “Never Felt So Alone,” which has been rumored to feature Billie Eilish. In the teaser, Eilish makes a subtle appearance, confirming her collaboration on the track.

The clip shows Eilish in a bathtub, her signature dark locks covering her face. “Never Felt So Alone” is set to drop on April 7, and fans are excited to hear what the two artists have created.

Labrinth announced the release on social media, sharing a clip that appears to be from the music video for the song. Eilish commented on the post with a winky face, which fans interpreted as confirmation of the collaboration.

“I’ve Never Felt So Alone” was originally featured in Season 1 of Euphoria, and last December, Eilish invited Labrinth to perform the song together at one of her LA concerts. This performance has also added to the speculation of a collaboration between the two.

Labrinth’s third studio album, Ends & Begins, is set to be released on August 23, and fans are hoping that the potential collaboration with Eilish will be included on the album.

“Never Felt So Alone” will be released on April 7. Check out the teaser below to get a sneak peek of the upcoming track.

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