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Premiere: Nate Blizzy Drops “Live It Up”, A True Party Anthem

Renowned singer-songwriter Nate Blizzy presents a new piece, delighting audiences with “Live It Up”. Masterfully crafted and ecstatic, the song is filled with fusion textures and flavors that spice up the artist’s style, while at the same time maintaining the sophisticated aura. “We Goin Live It Up/ We Goin Have Some Fun/ We Goin Live it up/ we goin celebrate/ 

Live It Up/ Pour You One/ Lift Your Cup/ We goin celebrate, it’s a Celebration,” Blizzy sings in the three and a half minute party anthem, calling for a global celebration long due. 

“It’s about taking the time to enjoy life now. Don’t put off the celebration – life is a gift, and each one of us has so much to be grateful for.   And don’t hold back – grab your girl and take her on a real adventure far away from the everyday – change your view while you live it up,” Blizzy said in an interview. The artist also mentioned having plans of releasing music videos for both “Live It Up” and “Stripper Music”, one of his latest singles. “Videos are a key element to interacting with fans of the music and I want to go hard for those people so lots of videos is the plan.”

He has recently teamed-up with producer BLU Rhino from NY, with the pair sharing a common vision towards creating a genre-stretching exciting and eclectic sound. He is mostly known for the singles “Stripper Music No.2,” “Stripper Music,” “Flames,” “If You Were My Girl,” “No Worries,” and “Lost With You.” With tens of thousands of listeners and hundreds of thousands of plays, Nate Blizzy’s music is rapidly gaining the recognition it deserves. Exciting, infectious, and fun, Blizzy’s art is far from the mainstream, showing listeners the best of what music is all about! 

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