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“Benda releases ‘Hostile Homicide’ through Bassrush”

Benda is an established name in the world of bass music and needs no introduction to fans of the genre. Over the past few years, he has cemented his position as one of the leading producers in the game, with his unique sound and high-energy performances.

Recently, Benda has returned with his latest EP, Hostile Homicide, released on Bassrush Records. The lead single, “Homicide” featuring Puku, dropped in February, giving fans a taste of what to expect from the full EP. Hostile Homicide comprises five tracks, each showcasing a different aspect of Benda’s production skills and creative vision.

Benda’s signature high-octane dubstep-inspired style is fused with rap lyrics and subtle hip-hop elements, creating a sound that is uniquely his own. With this EP, Benda continues to push the boundaries of the genre and refuses to settle for anything less than expressing the full range of his creative sphere.

It’s clear that these tracks were designed to be played on the mainstage, serving as anthems for headbangers all around the world to lose themselves in. Benda’s music is not for the faint of heart – there are no frills, just pure unadulterated energy. Turn up the speakers, press play, and prepare to go hard.

In conclusion, Benda’s Hostile Homicide EP is a testament to his talent and commitment to pushing the limits of bass music. It’s a must-listen for anyone who appreciates high-energy music and wants to experience the full spectrum of Benda’s creative vision.

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