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Premiere | Kai Phi Drops A Stunning New Track “California Forever”

Unexpectedly soulful and captivating, Kai Phi’s new single leaves no doubt as to the artist’s mastery and skill. “California Forever” soothes with transcendental haziness, the perfect feel for any chill party. “It is a tribute to California nightlife and all of our iconic venues, and the music played in them that has and continues to shape the culture of the great state of California,” Kai Phi said about the track.

There is much to be said about Kai Phi, a sound engineer with a great many sonic pieces under his belt, including “AMG Hammer”, “Subvolo”, and more. Adding another stellar track to his portfolio, Kai Phi is determined to reach a large audience and share his unique art with appreciative listeners. The ambient trip-hop will have you fully immersed in a world created by Kai Phi, where the vibe and the smooth feel of the music is all that matters. 

“To preserve and share pieces of the human experience, making sure the inspiration or whatever emotional connection is discovered in the artistic process has a legacy for others to enjoy or critique as they see fit, so long as its use is meaningful,” Kai Phi said, explaining his very own purpose of creating music. A lifelong learner and an avid music-production enthusiast, Kai Phi continues to sharpen and evolve his sound, presenting to his audience only the best of the best!

Inspired by the likes of Radiohead, Burial, and Flying Lotus, Kai Phi is completely dedicated to his music with a determination to make 2023 the best and most productive year yet! As a lifelong learner, he studied audio engineering, later continuing his studies under Mihai Bolani from Stankonia, and Donny Baker from ES Audio in Glendale. So buckle up for the incredible ride you’re about to be on, and check out Kai Phi’s “California Forever”!

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