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CloudPainter Discusses “Love Come Down” & Creating Music Magic In The Tucson Desert

Arizona’s CloudPainter breaks down details of the debut single “Love Come Down.” The folk-rock band members open up about finding each other after all those years and the constant fight they put on to get there. The group also talked about their upcoming full-length album, which is almost ready and set to come out in June 2023.

First off, thank you for giving us a taste of the warm sunsets of Tucson Arizona! “Love Come Down” is your first release as a band. What would you like to say about the inspiring track?

Thanks. This is an exciting track for us to release first, it expresses the feeling of community that exists here in Tucson among musicians. The song is about “all of us together,” in the desert creating magic through our musical connection. -Liz Painter

What was it like to debut a song after so many years? 

This song debuts the fusion of our joint musical vision which has been our dream for a long time. It’s a wonderful feeling to release music we have been working on and recording at such a high level. We’ve released music individually in other projects, but there is something very satisfying about this reboot, after being so profoundly influenced from our earlier work together. -LIz Painter

The new single and the story behind it gives hope to listeners that it’s never too late to start again and follow your dreams. In a world filled with criticism and disappointments, how do you build confidence and hold on to the belief that everything will turn out alright?

There is growth and value through embracing the emotions resulting from the ups and downs of being an artist. The road to failure and the road to success are the same, but one is just a little bit longer. Keeping this attitude is a source of strength, as disappointment can sometimes be a major catalyst for something really amazing and even previously unimagined to come through. Believe that everything is always working out, and somehow it always seems to. -Liz Painter

We would like to find out more about the upcoming full-length album. What will it be called? Have you decided on the tracklist? When will it be released? 

We are working through a few ideas for the artwork and title, we’ll just have to see what sticks. The tracklist is set, and production is complete. It is all out for mixing and mastering. Our target for release is June 2023, around the Solstice. -RJ Cloud

What kind of music should listeners expect to hear on the next LP? Is “Love Come Down” a preview of what’s to come or is that a separate project?

“Love Come Down” is somewhat of a preview of the other tracks on the album. Each song really has its own vibe. We have some danceable tunes, some ballads with more acoustic instrumentation, and even progressive rock arrangements. We’re stoked that this release will be available on vinyl, as well as digitally. It’s very exciting to put out physical media, especially in the analog domain. -RJ Cloud

Will you be promoting the record with a tour? If yes, when will you be announcing the dates? Are there any other anticipated shows in the near future? 

Yes, we are playing shows regionally in the Southwest for the first half of the year. Our next date is at Monterey Court in Tucson on March 23, 2023. We are also booking a fall tour in the Northeast, that includes NY, Long Island, & Massachusetts. Expect to see new dates announced on our website over the coming months. -LIz Painter

Is your studio in Arizona open to other artists as well? Or do you only use it to record your own music?

It is not commercially available, but it is reserved for Cloud Microphones’ Artists, so only by invitation at this point, as we don’t charge for studio time. When we do have acts come in, we generally will make promotional videos for marketing the Cloud products with the band and their music, in lieu of monetary compensation. The studio was built initially for research and development for Cloud Microphones as a testing ground for developing new products, but with all our vintage instruments, outboard gear, and mics, I feel like we’ve really developed a sound here. We recently recorded a fabulous touring band called “LocoMundi”, from Bisbee, Arizona. That went really well and we are looking forward to having more Cloud Artists coming in soon. -RJ Cloud

Are there any up-and-coming musicians you would like to collaborate with? 

There is a lot of great new music out there these days. One that I really like is “Goose”, their sound is hypnotic with deep grooves, having similar elements to CloudPainter. They are very much a jam band and are gaining traction in that scene. It would be really interesting to collaborate with them if the opportunity ever presents itself. Also, there is Farrah Mechael, we recently became friends at a Sync Summit in LA last month and I feel a connection with her music which has been climbing the charts lately. – Liz Painter

What do you think about the latest technological and musical developments in the industry? 

Today’s innovations in technology can empower creativity, and certainly digital editing is a very powerful tool. But where it’s at for me is creating quality sounds. There’s a deep beauty in capturing music created in acoustic spaces using microphones. The advancements I find most interesting are ones that have helped to achieve recording this way, like the Cloudlifter. Because microphones respond to sound based on things like placement, the shape and size of the room. It’s great that now more than ever we can capture the tonal characteristics of our microphones in greater detail and use those recordings to express the voicing you want for an instrument or singer on a given track. With tech and even AI being at the forefront these days, it will be interesting to see if it eventually leads people to come full circle. The more things change, the more they stay the same in some ways. No question, songwriting and using real instruments can be augmented with technology. The real question is, how do we keep art authentic? -RJ Cloud

Listen to “Love Come Down” here:

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