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Premiere: At Last Carsn. Releases His Anticipated Debut Album Mixed 3motions

Emerging Hip Hop artist and songwriter Carsn. finally shares his debut album Mixed 3motions. The 12-track record includes the previously released single “Rip Away,” and introduces many new powerful and impactful songs such as “Walk This 3arth Alone,” “Lonely $toner,” “Dr. Strange,” among others.

Summarizing the new album Mixed 3motions, Carsn. says: “It is a heartfelt body of work that takes you through a journey of emotions I have experienced throughout the breakups, lost friends, grieving moments, and joyful moments that have all left me with a new perspective of life. All of the songs are based on what I felt throughout that journey in discovering who I am.”

The artist who is known for his experimentation with different genres and styles that range from New School to Indie and Melodic Rap, delivers different renditions of Southern Hip Hop, Pop, and Alternative music on this new record. “ I like making all types of music and try not just to confine myself to one genre,” reveals Carsn.

The Texas-native explains that each track tells its own story. He wants people to feel whatever he is conveying in his songs, “I think the hardest thing to do is evoke emotions out of a piece of music. This is what I have spent countless hours trying to do.”  Carsn. tries hard to put out music that comes from a real place, because he doesn’t want to share meaningless work.

Having dedicated an entire year and more on Mixed 3motions, Carsn. admits that what keeps him motivated is his burning passion for creation. “When I am not able to create music, I feel lost,” confesses the young rapper, hoping that others who experience the same feelings as him will be able to resonate with his songs. 

See the full tracklist of Mixed 3motions here:

  1. M3 
  2. Dr. Strange 
  3. Rip Away 
  4. Christmas Rains Occasionally 
  5. Walk This 3arth Alone 
  6. Obsidian Mind 
  7. Pain Killa 
  8. Hyyer Up (feat. Jmane) 
  9. Whatcha Want//Get Thru 
  10. Come Alive 
  11. What they selling? (feat. Parkour, Nigel, Sintheo) 
  12. Lonely $toner

Listen to Mixed 3motions here:

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