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Exclusive: Chandler Announces New Album To Follow Up Recent Single “All Alone”

Talented singer-songwriter Chandler just shared his third single “All Alone,” following “Nightlight” and “Miss Me and You Hate It.” The promising newcomer had a lovely chat with us about his new Alternative-Pop track and hinted that a Psychedelic/ Electronic album is set to come out during the summer.

Let me start by congratulating you on the recent release of “All Alone.” What would you like to say about the new single? And what motivated you to write it?

Thank you for the interview, and the great question! “All Alone” is a vulnerable track, it kind of makes you open your heart and be introspective and honest with your self-kept emotions. The night I made it I was watching a video of Jay Z performing “Wonderwall” by Oasis not expecting to really make any music. I received a rush of inspiration and then wrote and recorded the song in about 15 minutes.

“All Alone” is the follow-up to “Nightlight,” which tells the story of a boy trying to save a girl with suicidal tendencies. Why did you decide to tackle such a subject?

What better way to tackle such dark subjects than to change the narrative into a loving one? The song is dark but also wholesome, love in the midst of darkness. “Nightlight” is about the rescue instead of the entrapment of darkness.

Speaking from your own personal experience with BPD, what kind of message do you want to send to your listeners who are struggling and feeling held back due to the challenges that come with mental health issues?

Mental health can be a struggle but you can always have something beautiful come out of it. Maybe it’s a song, poem, painting, or even a photograph. You aren’t your mental health issue and it’s okay to not be okay. You have value and are worthy of love.

What does poetry mean to you and how has it helped you further evolve your writing skills?

Poetry’s an emotional outlet for me, starting poetry at fourteen and evolving it into songs just made it all more beautifully complex.

In addition to your musical talent, you have an eye for photography. Can you tell us more about how you discovered your passion for taking photos?

I got into photography when I was eighteen, honestly just really wanted to take pictures of outer space.

You recently announced that there’s an electronic album coming out this summer! Can you give us more details about it?

Yes! It’s coming along beautifully, it’s some of the best material I’ve made. I can’t say too much, but think “psychedelics at an art museum.”

Name three artists that have influenced your sound and made you the musician you are today!

There are honestly so many I don’t know if I can answer this! If I absolutely had to pick only 3, life or death, I’d pick. Actually, I’ll add a playlist one day so people can see what I’m listening to!

Listen to “All Alone” on Spotify:

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