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Taydem Shoesmith Kicks Off Her Music Career With Debut Single “Are You Clapping?”

Pop singer-songwriter and actress, Taydem Shoesmith makes an impressive crossover to music with her debut single “Are You Clapping?” Inspired by Michael Jackson, Rascal Flatts, Billie Holiday, Sabrina Carpenter, Camila Cabello, and many others, the rising star is known for her original compositions in films and series, including the theme song for the thriller Blood Sisters

In the video description of “Are You Clapping?” Shoesmith writes a heartfelt message to her fans introducing the debut single, “It’s been a while since I’ve posted a song and I’m super excited to finally release this one. This is my first professional studio song I’ve created. Thank you Forte Studios for your hard work and helping bring my idea to life!”

“Are You Clapping” is “about confidence. Knowing that you are good without a significant other, even though people or society might tell you otherwise. You might feel pressure to change who you are when it comes to dating and relationships. I sure felt that pressure. But if we are not honest with them or with ourselves from the get go, then what’s the point? I know it’s easier said than done to just be yourself, but as long as you’re not hurting anyone, live how you want. Most people might not understand you, but the right people will,” explains the up-and-comer. 

Taydem Shoesmith is determined to enter the Pop music market with a bang and it’s only convenient that she’s chosen the Electro-Pop and Dance anthem “Are You Clapping?” Written by the artist herself, the song was born out of anger and frustration. 

“I remember writing in my lyric book about how frustrated I was with the people around me and society in general. We think we have to act like the perfect person when we talk to people or go on dates. We’re kind of setting ourselves up for failure because we’re acting like someone we think they want to be with. I mean, it makes sense because in the past, relationships weren’t about love or connections. They were basically just business deals.”

“I guess I just got to the point of wondering why I was doing this. Why were people telling me to talk more, smile more, flirt better, don’t be boring, etc, so often, when it came to relationships. Because not only was it exhausting to keep that facade up, I was also disappointed in myself for basically faking who I was, just to catch some guy’s attention. So through this song, I’m saying that I’m done putting up a show.  Having confidence in the choices we make is very important, no matter if it’s in relationships, jobs, or life in general. And that is the message I hope people will take away from this song.”

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